Classics for whom? Defining new canons for 21st century Brazil


Continuing from the discussion presented in London 2019, in which we suggested the use of NeoLatin as a form of creating bridges between Classics and the underpriviledged university students in Brazil, the purpose of this talk is to present and discuss how we have used the concepts of Canon and Classics with the same groups of students at the Federal University of EspĂ­rito Santo, in order to highlight the dynamics of creation and negotiation of identity of social groups, belonging and right of claim to cultural possessions and power implied in the choice of works deemed as Classics. By bringing into play these concepts through the works of authors such as Bloom, Avelar and Dalvi, we have been able, along with the students, to put into question the implicit criteria applied in making textbooks, creating curricula and selecting readings for schools and colleges. Taking into account the individual, social and historical dimensions of the experience of reading, we have been working on ressignifying the idea of Classics for the 21st century Brazilian students, so that it can include their own personal histories, conflicts and memories.
PeriodJun 12 2022
Event titleCONFLICT RESOLUTION IN ANCIENT AND MODERN CONTEXTS III: Teaching Conflict Resolution from Antiquity to the Present
Event typeWorkshop
Conference numberIII
LocationManaus, BrazilShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational