Latin from the Latin American Colonies: teaching Postclassical Latin in contemporary Brazil


In this talk, Dr. Leite will reflect on her experiences as a Classics professor in Brazil, building a curriculum that resonated with underprivileged groups, only recently reaching Higher Education. These students, bringing with them stories of oppression and silencing, demanded new forms of teaching and interacting, which led to the construction of a more balanced approach to the vast corpus of Latin literature, including, alongside the more canonical works, texts in Latin from other times and spaces, especially those produced in Latin America between the 16th and the 18th centuries. The use of post-classical Latin and the bridging of the connections between the past and the present has had a positive impact on making Latin more inclusive to all.
PeriodOct 21 2021
Held atWashington and Lee University, United States, Virginia
Degree of RecognitionNational