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      The facility consists of three Ceph clusters. Two of them are used as S3-type object storage systems. The third one is used as a block storage, storing volume data for an OpenStack system.

      Each of the two S3-type object storage clusters offers up to 800TB usable space (ca. 1.3TB raw disk space). The Ceph block storage for OpenStack system offers up to 900TB usable space (ca. 1.8TB raw disk space).

      Account requests:
      HPC account does not automatically come with the Ceph storage account. Ceph storage account requests must be directed to the manager of the facility (see below for contact information). Please, note that each Ceph account is assigned to a project rather than a user. However, each user will have their own key to access the shared project Ceph account.

      Contact Information:
      Mami Hayashida
      Email: mami.hayashida@uky.edu
      Phone: 859-323-7521

      Terms of use: Please contact Mami Hayashida for training and account setup information.


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      • Data storage


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