Lipscomb Compute Cluster CPU (LCC-CPU)

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    The LCC CPU cluster is a traditional batch-processing system with high-speed interconnects and a shared filesystem. The LCC cluster contains nearly 7,200 intel-based Skylake and Cascade processor cores. The LCC CPU cluster includes about 168 compute nodes with memory ranging from 128GB to 192GB per node and a GPFS parallel filesystem attached to the cluster containing 2 PB of usable disk storage for home, project, and scratch directories. In addition, the facility has a dedicated high-speed 40Gb data transfer node for researchers needing to transfer data to and from external resources and offsite.

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    • Q Science (General)
    • Research Computing
    • Haigh performance competing
    • Computational Science
    • Data Science
    • Data Analytics
    • Big data
     2023 CCS


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