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    KyRIC OpenStack allows users to create custom Linux Virtual Machines (VMs) with high core, RAM and storage requirements that are needed to run intensive applications. The VMs can accommodate unique/custom software stacks, host web applications, and provide GUI environments. This platform may be an ideal option for researchers who want more control on their computing environment that a traditional supercomputing cluster may not offer. Most OpenStack functions can be done through a web GUI. Once created, VMs can be accessed directly using Secure Shell (SSH).

    The hosts for the VMs are 20 hypervisor nodes, each with 3 TBs of RAM and 80 threads. The system is available to all researchers on campus.

    Resources for OpenStack end users:

    To apply for an account, please follow to
    Those requesting an account will have to list the PI/supervisor's name and the user's linkblue ID, and provide a brief description of the research to be performed on the system and the compute requirements (cores, RAM, disk amounts).


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