12-13 KYAE (KY Adult Education) PD

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The Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD) shares in the values, mission, and goals of Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) to improve teacher quality in reading and writing instruction through high quality professional development. CCLD believes that high quality teacher education will contribute to the increased learning gains of adult literacy students. Professional development created by CCLD offers practical application of instructional knowledge and skills that adult education and literacy teachers may transfer to the workplace in order to advance literacy students in reading and writing ability. CCLD bases the professional development on the latest research and best practices in the field of literacy as well as needs assessment results gathered from Kentucky Adult Education. Under the direction of KYAE policy, CCLD will assist KYAE in facilitating communities of learning among adult literacy teachers promoting the development of their content knowledge and instructional skills in English/Language Arts based on the KYAE Common Core Standards. CCLD will be providing KYAE Common Core Standards in English/Language Arts professional development developed by KYAE based on the Standards-in-Action Innovations by the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Vocational and Adult Education to KYAE funded program directors and instructors. Activities are for KYAE funded programs participating in KYAE PD and include: delivering workshops; providing coaching support; posting KYAE required online material; and facilitating online discussions. CCLD will also be developing online courses for professional development for KYAE funded adult literacy program directors and instructors.
Effective start/end date7/1/126/30/13


  • KY Council on Postsecondary Education: $289,019.00


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