14th North American Colloquium on Animal Cytogenetics & Gene Mapping

  • Lear, Teri (PI)

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The 14th North AmericanColloquiumon Animal Cytogenetics& Gene Mappingwill take place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico July 3-7,2005. This colloquium has been held in North America on alternate years and this will be the first time in its 26 year history that it has been held in Mexico. This conference brings together leading scientists, their students and postdocs in the area of animal genomics research, specifically cytogenetics and gene mapping. Many of the attending scientists have made important contributions to livestock genomics. This unique colloquium provides an excellent atmosphere for graduate students and postdocs to present their data and interact with established scientists. Scientific sessions run for three days with an extra day for a group outing. This agenda provides ample opportunity for scientists to share data, discuss current research projects, develop new ideas for novel research projects, and to form new collaborations or strengthen existing collaborations. Invited speakers enhance the quality of the conference by introducing and discussing stimulating ideas. They are selected as scientists recognized as innovative or who have insights into unique areas of cytogenetics, comparative genomics and evolution. The specific objectives are to: 1) bring together leaders in the fields of domestic animal cytogenetics and genomics and review the progress in those areas. 2) provide student and postdoc education by enabling interaction with leading animal geneticists. 3) provide a stimulating forum for the development of new research ideas and collaborations.
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