1968: A Dramatic Moment in American Political History and Culture

  • Wilkinson, D (PI)

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As the project director, I shall be responsible for the initiation,. development, and final implementation of this meaningful humanities based project. Name: Doris Wilkinson I have been most fortunate to~De able to bring the humanities to the public with support from the Kentucky Humanities Council. Although trained as a Sociologist, my background and experiences encompass an area of humanities interests ~i1d emphases (Social Theory, Cultural Sociology, Social History, Anthropology and Music (piano).) My first exhibit received~virtually national attention on early African American physicians in a southern community. It was displayed. at Harvard's Widener Library and Countway Library Of Medicine. My second and most recent on the African American barbershop was well received throughout the state of Kentucky. Being able to engage in the Public humanities extends my role as a teacher. Grants have also been received from other sources. Please describe the intended audience for the project and your plans to promote your project; if applicable, list specific groups who may be interested in attending and who are not listed on the cover. Also please include specifics about how cretht for this program will be given to KHC. The intended audience for this uniqt~e and fascinating project ith an adult one in the universities in the state and in the broader (more general) communities. All of my previous public humanities events have reached large audiences in and outside the state. The Kentucky Humanities Council is always acknowledged as not only the source of funding when received but as supportive of the themes and directions of my projects. I would not have been able to.have devised the various public humanities activities that I have in the past without KHC support. As in the past, this timely~project.will be promotedvia newspaper, radio and possibly television announcements, flyers, and invitations to historytd other teãchers:and~faculty in the state. The specific groups that may be interested in this project include persons who recall the U.S. political and cultural "climate" of 1968, university faculty and students, social clubs with adults who were college students 40 years ago, p &t~'ev&~1ã?~ti ct4!a~ it~M~r ~ sb&ifi~ p~j~j~ concerning dates and locations. Event - Location Opening7of exhibit February 1 W.T. Young (gallery) Panel of Humanities Scholars Februqry 16 W.T. Young (audirotium and gallery) -- Stanley Brunn, Principal Humanities Advisor -- Susan Bordo, Diretor, Gender & Women's Studies (English) -- Ronald Eller, History -- Ernest Yanarella - Political Science -- Carry Bibbs - Art/Sculpture -- Patricia Cooper - History (Former Director of WS) These are among top scholars at the University of Kentucky.
Effective start/end date12/1/083/31/09


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