2012 National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation for Kentucky

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The Kentucky Geological Survey has conducted stratigraphic and geochemical studies of limestone quarries since 1949. A small number of geologists were involved with this activity that spanned their careers. The product of that 60]year program is a collection of field notes including measured sections, diagrams, photographs, unit descriptions, physical rock samples and lab analyses of those samples. Because the program is no longer active and the individuals are retired or deceased, the digitization of those materials is a current priority of our preservation program. Previous Data Preservation efforts have cataloged the sample sites, determined geographic locations, and resolved site identifiers that will permit linking the locations to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinetfs records pertaining to the same operations. This project will facilitate the development of an internet service showing the geologic context of limestone quarries, with links to the historical field notes and analytical data. This proposal is to scan and organize the documents for each site to facilitate that goal and to make available the chemical analyses obtained from the samples as well as graphical summaries of the data.
Effective start/end date9/1/128/31/13


  • US Geological Survey: $25,000.00


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