2014 Farm Bill Education

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Train Extension Agents on Dairy -MPP Understand MPP program Online education to deliver information more timely than meetings. Regional public meetings 4 meetings, face-to-face: Glasgow, Columbia, Hopkinsville, Maysville Undertand MPP and decision tools Locations correspond with heaviest dairy production Statewide public meetings Extension Agents help producers analyze MPP with decision tools. Promote attendance at F2F and Lync meetings through agents, Maury Cox (KDDC), Jeffrey Bewley (UK), Bruce Metzer (KY Young Farmer Program) County Extension meetings Face-to-face meeting organized by county agents County agents will work more closely with producers to analyze MPP with decision tools UK Specialists will serve as a resource to agents using the decision tool but will not attend county meetings Farm Bill Education Meeting Plan -- Title 1 Subtitle D (Dairy)
Effective start/end date10/24/146/30/15


  • Farm Service Agency: $83,209.00


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