2016-2017 Kentucky SARE MSP Training

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This will be the first full fiscal year for the UK team of Dr. Paul Vincelli and Brett Wolff. Dr. Vincelli brings not only his plant pathology expertise, but also interest and experience in dealing with key sustainability issues including climate change, cover crops, and GMO technology. Brett’s training in social science along with his recent experience in specialty crop production research at UK gives him a grounded but critical perspective on sustainability issues. Following our history, the Kentucky SARE leadership team (both coordinators and the Program Assistant) met with the KYSARE Advisory Committee to develop the Kentucky SARE plan for the 2016-2017 project year. With the AC’s input, the Model State Program at the University of Kentucky plans to include trainings for agricultural professionals, supported with its $10,000 SARE Budget through 4 primary activities: - Food Safety Trainings covering FSMA and GAP - Small and Home-Scale Organic Disease Management Agent Training - Ecological Livestock Production for Winter Cattle Management - Cover Crops and Soil Health - GMO/GE crop outreach and education In 2016-17, we plan to meet with our Advisory Committee once in-person and once via teleconference. One point of emphasis this year will be evaluating our Advisory Committee and encouraging some new membership according to our previously stated goal of three- year term rotations.
Effective start/end date7/1/1612/31/18


  • University of Georgia: $11,111.00


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