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Patient engagement is a necessary first step to foster patients’ involvement in their own healthcare as the individuals who know their experiences best. Education regarding communication among stakeholders (patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers), adaptive devices for mobility and communication, and patient empowerment for persons with SCI/D, stroke and brain injury directly meets the needs of patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers in rural communities in Kentucky. In order to address the need for continued education, we are requesting support for the 7th Annual Kentucky Appalachian Rural Rehabilitation Networks (KARRN) Conference to be held August 29th, 2017, which will include individuals with SCI, stroke and brain injury and their caregivers, healthcare providers, educators, physical therapy and occupational therapy students, researchers, and community partners. The purposed conference will center on a theme of “Engagement, Communication, and Accessibility” and seeks to expand on the concept of accessibility beyond physical access to include knowledge, resources, and collaboration. Using a model of achieving access through engagement and communication, the morning session will focus on the theoretical and practical application of patient activation in order to engage persons to become active participants in shared decision-making. Once engaged, the next step is establishing appropriate communication that includes assistive technology and augmentative communication technology. Practical steps on how this process can be implemented as well as the challenges and barriers to its successful implementation will be presented. The afternoon presentations will apply this model into evaluation and acquisition of seating and mobility. Strategies for improving consumer-provider communication and how this improves overall access to appropriate seating systems will be discussed. These presentations will culminate with a series of short case study videos and demonstrations (including a pediatric case) and a facilitated group discussion to include both providers and consumers and the conference audience. Bringing together providers and consumers creates a unique opportunity for interaction and collaboration that is often not available in other situations. This will lead into the final presentation focusing on the latest in innovative research and technology for effective communication and collaboration, building on the conference objectives of improving access through engagement and communication.
Effective start/end date6/1/175/31/18


  • Paralyzed Veterans of America: $12,255.00


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