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This project will increase demand for Kentucky fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs by increasing consumer nutrition knowledge and consumption of specialty crops. The Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud project links the expertise of University of Kentucky faculty and staff with nutrition students, Extension agents, community partners, and producers to market Kentucky specialty crops. We will maintain a consumer focus for this grant period with an emphasis on developing new recipes and providing nutrition education to children and adults experiencing food insecurity. While ingredient cost has always been a consideration in the development of Plate It Up recipes, this project builds upon previous work because ALL recipes will be approproate for low]income children and adults experiencing food insecurity. As well, programming will address underlying causes of food insecurity and provide resources to overcoming perceived barriers to purchase and consumption of locally produced specialty crops. By doing so, food insecure consumers will be better equiped to purchase and prepare locally grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs, thus improving health and supporting local specialty crop producers. Hunger is an issue facing 1 in 6 Kentuckians. The University of Kentucky has taken on a leadership role in finding solutions to hunger, poverty, and food insecurity. Specifically, the Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition sponsored the 2016 Kentucky Hunger Dialogue and has developed an Undergraduate Certificate in Food Systems and Hunger Systems with accompanying coursework. The PI's for this project are actively involved in the Universities Fighting World Hunger initiative and have experience and expertise in this area. Recipe development and educational programming will directly support the work of the Kentucky Hunger Initiative, including achieving the goals to (1.) Strengthen Kentucky's food]distribution infrastructure to enable farmers to better serve the needs of Kentuckians, and (2.) Increase education and public awareness of hunger that affects Kentuckians of all ages. To address the need for recipes and educational programming for adults and children experiencing food insecurity, and the availability of affordable Kentucky specialty crops throughout the state, the Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud project has two primary aims: (1.) To increase demand for Kentucky specialty crops by working with consumers to teach them how to select, store, preserve and prepare vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs as part of inexpensive and health]promoting recipes following USDA MyPlate guidelines and appropriate for low]income populations. (2.) To improve the health and well]being of Kentuckians by increasing purchase, preparation, and consumption of specialty crop foods to provide individuals of all ages and income levels with the skills needed to promote optimal health and support strong local food systems.
Effective start/end date11/1/179/29/21


  • KY Department of Agriculture: $25,000.00


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