2018 Emerging City Fellowship

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In our community workshop course, design students from architecture and interior design have been tasked to use community engagement methods to address a community need. We have focused our efforts on a vacant lot located at the corner of Maxwell and Limestone which is a key location that is highly underutilized. As the gateway to our campus and the nexus of the intersection between campus and downtown, it has unlimited potential to serve the University of Kentucky students and faculty, Good Samaritan Hospital visitors, and the downtown population. Utilizing diverse research methods and collaborative design processes, students have identified how design can positively impact our community using campus as a living laboratory to explore new ideas to activate public spaces. This project has the capability to turn what is currently an eyesore into a prime opportunity to create a beautiful gateway to north campus. Keeping safety, activity, and function in mind, this pocket park can educate students and cultivate an appreciation for beautiful spaces. Students have investigated how the we can use the space to change human behavior and create positive experiences through beauty and loveliness. They have researched best practices, conducted research, and hosted workshops that engage the various stakeholders. This information fueled six different design proposals which were voted on by the community at large. The winning design was presented to stakeholders and further refined based on their feedback. Building on the existing work of students, we are able to leverage these efforts and assets to realize this beautiful environment through paths, design, and seating. This project’s goal is to provide increased stimulus to the students to cultivate an appreciation of the qualities of beauty and loveliness through the new park space. This will be done by improving this neglected site through design theories, including place-making, to match the quality of beauty found on campus & downtown Lexington. This will be a place for students to gather and enjoy Lexington and Kentucky culture through a peaceful environment with native plants to enjoy lunch from a local restaurant. Education and growth will be affected by students meeting up and spending time learning from each other and studying together. It will also be a place for evening events that promote Lexington culture as well as local art. Paths, design, and seating will improve the quality of life and inspire appreciation for the beautiful campus and downtown. The park design will provide places on the perimeter of campus to read, study, and enjoy the outdoors that attract others to campus. The redesign of this vacant lot can provide faculty, students, and community members the opportunity to appreciate beauty and loveliness every day in their commute, at their bus stop or on their way home after class. This pocket park can promote inclusivity, connecting downtown to campus, bridging the healthcare community through art and design in beautiful and creative ways.
Effective start/end date8/1/1810/31/20


  • 8 80 Cities: $5,000.00


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