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The University of Kentucky will partner with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture to increase demand for Kentucky specialty crops by linking the expertise of faculty and staff in Dietetics and Human Nutrition with Extension agents, community partners, and producers. The Plate It Up! Kentucky Proud (PIUKP) Sustainability Project will include the development of innovative educational resources and presentation tool kits related to the benefits of purchasing and consuming locally grown specialty crops as part of a commitment to promoting sustainability in the community and consuming a sustainable diet. By doing so, the project will promote consumer purchase and preparation of locally grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs, thus improving health and supporting local specialty crop producers. Funding for this project will be utilized to support the the design and development of “sustainability-focused” educational resources and tool kits that will then be used in demonstrations and programming throughout the state of Kentucky. What makes this project unique is that it will emphasize PIUKP recipes using seasonal, locally produced specialty crops and recipe cards, recipe samples, and innovative educational materials and programming. With over 120 PIUKP recipes now available, the PIUKP Sustainability Project will specifically develop sustainability programming, a recognized need in Extension. Specific goals of the project include: (1.) Design of at least five unique presentation tool kits (educational resources, facilitator’s guide, supplies such as promotional banners, PIUKP recipe suggestions, evaluation materials) with a sustainability emphasis. Presentation tool kits will be available to all Extension agents in Kentucky (electronic and five actual “kits” that can be checked out). (2.) At least 20 pilot demonstrations using the PIUKP Sustainability Project tool kits and distribution of at least 15,000 PIUKP recipe cards.
Effective start/end date9/30/199/29/22


  • KY Department of Agriculture: $50,000.00


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