2019 IR-4 Envir Hort Trials

  • Potter, Daniel (PI)

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This research involves evaluating reduced-risk, potentially pollinator-compatible insecticides (essential oils, plant- or microbially-based bio-toxins) for protecting plants from defoliation by the Japanese beetle (JB), an invasive pest of trees, shrubs, flowers, and agricultural crops. Direct control costs and losses from Japanese beetle damage to plants in the USA exceed $600 million per year. The JB is a target of quarantines on shipment of nursery stock and air cargo to slow the spread its spread to the Western States, and it has recently become established in Europe where concerted efforts are underway to contain and eradicate it. Use of conventional insecticides on flowering plants poses a hazard to bees, so alternatives suited to integrated pest and pollinator management are needed.
Effective start/end date9/1/198/31/21


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