2021 IR-4 Envir Hort Trials: Phytotoxicity Rating Trial of Novel Greenhouse Insecticide and Miticides

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Title: Phytotoxicity rating trial of novel greenhouse insecticide and miticides Investigator: Jonathan L. Larson Extension entomologist University of Kentucky Department of Entomology Duration: May 1, 2021 until Nov. 1, 2021 Rationale: New insecticides and miticides will be evaluated for possible phytotoxicity effects on three representative plants; African marigold, New Guinea impatiens, and petunia. New products are needed to help further aims within the green industry to provide quality plant material with lower active ingredient use rates, safer management methods, and less residual exposure for beneficial organisms, workers, and consumers. New products must also be established to be safe for the plants they are used on though. These were identified by the IR4 working group as priority issues. This research project will be completed during the 2021 growing season at the UK Greenhouse facilities. Objectives: 1.Evaluate three compounds, at three different application rates a piece, on threedifferent species of greenhouse plants for phytotoxic effects.
Effective start/end date8/1/217/31/23


  • University of Florida: $5,000.00


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