2023 Biennial Evaluation and Report

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Three faculty members from the UK Department of Sociology will lead the outcome evaluation for the biennial evaluation of the Windham School District. The project coordinator, Dr. Tony Love, is an associate professor with tenure and is an alumnus of Texas A&M University. His research specializations are criminology and social psychology, and he has written extensively about role-taking, identity change, and deviant behavior. He has also collaborated with the other faculty members of this research team to study racial disparities in juvenile justice and in college policing activities. Dr. Love has experience with program evaluation analysis dating back to 2016 when he and Dr. Ed Morris conducted the county’s state mandated report on disproportionate minority contact in the county’s juvenile justice system. Recently, Dr. Love has partnered with the Fayette County drug court to assess the efficacy of their programs with regard to addressing offenders’ mental health and drug related needs as a pathway to reducing recidivism.
Effective start/end date1/21/2211/16/22


  • Windham School District: $29,000.00


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