3rd Annual Philosophy Summer Camp

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As theorists and practitioners of philosophical inquiry and dialogue, the members of University of Kentucky’s Philosophy Graduate Student Association (PGSA) are well suited to help the youth in our community refine their intuitions about the nature of reality, knowledge, and values in order to reflect on pressing personal and social issues ranging from mass poverty to media-driven propaganda. One major way in which PGSA tries to serve the community we live in is by organizing the annual UK Philosophy Summer Camp. While our past Philosophy Camps have been successful in helping high school students to think through their life experiences with the language of philosophy, we have thus far mostly been able to reach certain types of students: those who are privileged enough to be preparing themselves for a college education. In the upcoming camp, we hope to extend our efforts to include those usually lacking the opportunity to learn the skills of identifying, interpreting, and evaluating the social issues which affect them directly. So the purpose of this camp is not only to educate and initiate high school students in philosophy, but also to ensure that students from minority and underprivileged groups have this opportunity.
Effective start/end date5/1/178/31/17


  • Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization: $2,500.00


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