3rd Kentucky Invasive Species Conference

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The Invasive Species Working Group in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky (UK) organizes and holds a 2-3 day conference involving both basic and applied scientists and land managers approximately every other year. We’re in the planning stages for our next meeting, the 3rd Kentucky Invasive Species Conference, scheduled tentatively for May 2013 in Lexington. I’d like to solicit support from the Southern Research Station for this event. The purpose of the conference is to demonstrate the urgency of threats posed by significant invasive species, disseminate research results addressing these invasions, and evaluate and share potential mitigation strategies. The conference helps create linkages within and across agencies and organizations. The 2nd Kentucky Invasive Species Conference, held in May 2011 in conjunction with the Southeast Exotic Plant Pest Council, had 150 participants from 14 colleges and universities from five states, and numerous state and federal agencies.
Effective start/end date8/21/126/30/13


  • Forest Service: $2,500.00


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