405 OHS - Ramp Crash Location Reconciliation and Estimation of Missing Ramp Volumes

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Despite the high quality of crash and roadway data in Kentucky, the accuracy of data for ramps has been problematic. Using various attributes from the crash and roadway datasets, a study could be done to ensure agreement between all fields pertaining to the location of ramp crashes and the corresponding roadway asset data. By using traffic volume data from route segments entering and exiting the ramps, and other existing information, the volume of traffic on ramps could be estimated to a higher level of confidence than has been done in the past. Known ramp AADTs would also be estimated and compared to measured values to calibrate the models. An additional benefit to this research is that ramps crashes that are incorrectly located will be removed from the corresponding non-ramp segment. That is to say many routes (particularly interstates) in Kentucky have exaggerated crash experiences due to ramp crashes incorrectly being assigned to them.
Effective start/end date10/1/169/30/17


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $49,720.00


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