4th Annual University of Kentucky (UK) Philosophy Summer Camp for High School Students

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In July 2018, the UK Philosophy Department will host a week-long day camp for approximately 20 high school students at the Gaines Center for the Humanities on the UK Campus. As graduate students and college teachers in philosophy, our camp coordinators and counselors will lead students in reflectively responding to short readings, movies, and speakers through personal journaling, small group discussions, and large group debate. Though these activities, we will help students to thoughtfully develop their ideas, their perspectives, and their actions. During the Camp, students will refine their ideas by learning helpful philosophical concepts and practicing logical skills. Journaling activities occur daily and help campers clearly articulate and critically examine beliefs and values. Additionally, students will expand their perspectives by putting their own life experiences within wider social and political contexts. The aim is to have the camper philosophically engage a ‘bigger picture’ and discover intellectual allies among philosophers. Lastly, students will examine the nature of justice and injustice by exploring the relationship between theory and activism.
Effective start/end date7/1/188/15/18


  • Society of Philosophers in America: $500.00


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