80% by 2018 Achievement Award

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The Kentucky Cancer Consortium was recently awarded a National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable Achievement Award for 2019 for our collaborative work to support the significant increase in colorectal cancer screening in Kentucky. As part of the award provided by the American Cancer Society, we will host a one-day retreat in Fall 2019 for our KCC Colon Cancer Committee to celebrate our collective success and work together on better understanding existing challenges to increasing colorectal cancer screening, opportunities to reduce duplication of effort, increase coordination and determine priorities and next steps. Our focus will be increasing colorectal cancer screening to 80% screening rates in every community in Kentucky. We will invite existing KCC Colon Cancer committee members, members from the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program Advisory Board (if they are not already on the KCC Colon Cancer Committee) as well as some community-based leaders to participate. We anticipate 40 participants. Total
Effective start/end date2/11/192/10/20


  • American Cancer Society: $1,000.00


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