A Cell Based Biosensor for Early Detection of Cancer

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A Cell-Based Biosensor for Earlv Detection of Cancer Early detection of cancer and an understanding of the level of aggressiveness are keys to successful treatment of the disease. Current clinical efforts to detect cancer and its aggressiveness are hindered because they usually involve invasive procedures. Recent research efforts have focused on non-invasive techniques for early detection through analysis of agents (e.g. VGEF, IGF-l) released in serum ofthe patient. A methodology, however, for using these agents for early detection has not been achieved. We have recently developed a cell-based biosensor that can be used to detect small concentrations of various agents in solution. The biosensor consists of a monolayer of endothelial cells attached to the membrane of an ion-selective electrode (ISE). When the cells are attached to the surface and form the monolayer, tight junctions form between the cells inhibiting the response of the ISE to ions in solution. When the monolayer is exposed to agents that affect the permeability of the endothelial cells, the ions can diffuse through the membrane and a potential response ITom the ISE is achieved. In addition, the measured potential ITomthe electrode depends on the concentration of the permeabilitymodifying agent and hence, a relationship between the potential value and concentration of the agent can be achieved. This proposed study will develop the technology for using this sensor in detecting agents that are indicative of early stages of cancer and will optimize the response to predict the aggressiveness of the cancer. In addition, the miniaturization of the sensor will be pursued. These studies will provide the basis for future studies where these sensors will be used to test for agents in serum of tumorbearing nude mice and patients. Ultimately, this study will lead to the development of a cost-effective, non-invasive procedure for early detection of cancer and screening for level of aggressiveness. List ofKev Words: Cell-Based Biosensor Cancer Early Detection Ion Selective Electrode Endothelial Cells 6
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