A microalgae-based platform for the beneficial reuse of CO2 emissions from power plants

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The University of Kentucky (UK) intends to partner with the University of Delaware and ALGIX LLC to further develop UK’s algae–based technology for the capture and reuse of CO2. The goals of the proposed project are to: (i) optimize current technology with respect to cost and performance, particularly with regard to photobioreactor operation, and harvesting and dewatering operations; (ii) develop strategies to monitor and maintain algae culture health, based on a sound understanding of algal biology; (iii) evaluate the performance of defatted algae in the production of bioplastics, as part of a strategy to maximize the value of the algal biomass produced; (iv) perform techno-economic analyses to calculate the cost of CO2 capture and recycle using this approach, and lifecycle analyses to evaluate the greenhouse gas emission reduction potential.
Effective start/end date10/1/159/30/17


  • Department of Energy: $990,344.00


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