A Multi-Center, Open -label Pharmacokintic, Pharmocodynamic, Clinical Synptoms, and Safety Study of Pantoprazole Delayed-Released Granules Administered as A Suspension in Neonates and Preterm Infants with a Clinical Diagnosis of Gatroesophageal Disease.

  • Shashidhar, Harohalli (PI)
  • Ballard, Hubert (CoI)
  • Bendix, Christy (CoI)
  • Desai, Nirmala (CoI)
  • Hacker, Janell (CoI)
  • Jordan, Genine (CoI)
  • Reynolds, Eric (CoI)
  • Shook, Lori (CoI)
  • Whitehead, Vicki (CoI)

Grants and Contracts Details

Effective start/end date11/1/0610/31/08


  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc: $27,649.00