A Multi-Level Community Based Approach to PrEP Uptake for African American Women

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Project Abstract A Community Based Approach to PrEP Uptake for African American Women. The proposed pilot study will focus on African American adult women at risk for HIV in geographic hotspots in Georgia and Kentucky. A community-engaged approach will be used to adapt and implement a culturally appropriate intervention to inform and educate about PrEP , HIV testing and condom use. The intervention will consist of an educational component and navigation services. Women will be enrolled in one of two arms of the study: ARM 1: Education + Navigation (E+N) and ARM 2: Education only (E). The intervention will be implemented by trained peer Community Health Workers (CHWs). We hypothesize that the implementation of this intervention will result in increased PrEP utilization, increased HIV testing, increased condom use, and increased service utilization among adult African American women. The specific aims of the project are to: 1. Adapt the evidence-based Healthy Love Intervention using community based participatory research methods and 2. Implement and evaluate the adapted intervention among African American women.
Effective start/end date9/29/219/19/23


  • Morehouse School of Medicine Incorporated: $601,215.00


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