A Multi-Purpose Cooperative Trial To Improve All Phases Of Cultivar Development

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ABSTRACT The plan of work underlying this proposal is to: 1. Establish a large cooperative multi-environment trial called the Big6 trial. The trial will include breeding lines from: OH,IN, IL, KY, MI, NY which constitutes 46% of the soft red winter wheat production. This consortium of states is referred to as NORGRAINS. 2. Design the Big6 trial to extend application of genomic selection to all lines and testing stages of all programs 3. Reduce the time to get new Norgrains cultivars into commercial production 3. Leverage the skills and knowledge of each program to provide training in designing breeding pipelines, running simulations, and using multi environment genomic selection to expedite the breeding process and make it more efficient.
Effective start/end date6/1/235/31/26


  • Ohio State University: $47,557.00


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