A Nationally-Recognized Master's Program for Extension Training in Agricultural Economics

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We propose an Extension-focused M.S. program in Agricultural Economics (AEC). This entails— on top of the basic AEC M.S. curriculum—a new, year-long survey course on Extension Applications, a summer internship or research project, the generation of program-ready Extension products by the student, and extensive mentoring by Extension and non-Extension faculty. The NNF award will help the department to attract the most interested and qualified students for the first two years of this program, creating momentum so that it can be sustained into the future. We ask for funding to support 3 Fellows in the cohort of M.S. students starting in the fall of 2024, and another 3 Fellows who will start in the fall of 2025. Each Fellow would receive support (stipend, fees, and travel) for two academic years.
Effective start/end date11/15/2311/14/28


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $246,000.00


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