A Phase I Study of Eribulin in Combination with Oral Irinotecan for Adolescent and Young Adult Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Solid Tumors

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Funding will support a Clinica Research Nurse (CRN) to assist with a phase I clinical trial designed to establish the recommended phase 2 dose of eribulin when combined with the standard dose and schedule of oral irinotecan. Eribulin is a microtubule inhibitor with a unique mechanism of action that has shown impressive activity in preclinical testing by the NCI's Pediatric Preclinical Testing Program (PPTP). In the paper describing these results, senior author Malcolm Smith recommends further investigation of eribulin combined with a topoisomerase I inhibitors like irinotecan. Our single institution phase I trial is the first to follow these recommendations. After identifying a safe dose of eribulin when used in combination with oral irinotecan, this combination will be studied in a larger national multi-institutional phase II trial examining the efficacy and safety of eribulin and oral irinotecan in patients with pedatric sarcomas. The CRN will assit with reviewing elgibility, consenting, data entry and patient educaiton and overseeing the collection of pharmacokinetic samples.
Effective start/end date10/1/149/30/16


  • Alexs Lemonade Stand Foundation: $18,450.00


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