A Policy Relevant US Trauma Care System Prgamatic Trial for PTSD and Comorbidity

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The A.B. CHANDLER MEDICAL CENTER at the University of Kentucky will be one of multiple trauma centers participating in the A Policy Relevant U.S. Trauma Care System Pragmatic Trial for PTSD and Comorbidityh study. Trauma centers taking part in the study will begin participation using their usual procedures for screening and intervening for PTSD and comorbid conditions in patients suffering from traumatic injuries (gusual careh). All trauma centers participating in the study will be randomized to determine when they will switch from usual care to the intervention method developed at UW/HMC (ginterventionh). Prior to randomization, providers at the participating hospitals will participate in surveys and data quality assurance activities. Next, the randomization of trauma centers to the timepoint in which they switch from usual care to intervention will occur. Once A.B. CHANDLER MEDICAL CENTERfs timepoint for switching from usual care to intervention has been determined, providers will receive a one day training in the intervention protocol from expert clinicians from UW/HMC. The training will cover: 1) care management, 2) medications, 3) motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy, and 4) outcome tracking. Moreover, once A.B. CHANDLER MEDICAL CENTER is in the intervention stage, it will participate regularly (e.g., weekly) in supervised telephone supervision sessions while actively treating interveniton patients. The A.B. CHANDLER MEDICAL CENTER shall also recruit 40 injured patients subjects with Posttraumatic Stress Disorders Checklist Scores of . 35 into the study. The A.B. CHANDLER MEDICAL CENTER will be responsible for reviewing the study consent form with each patient; if the patient agrees to participate, A.B. CHANDLER MEDICAL CENTER will have the patient sign the consent form and then conduct a structured interview based on study criteria (gbaseline subject interviewh); only consenting patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorders Checklist Scores of . 35 will contribute to the total of 40 required subjects. UW/HMC will loan a laptop computer to A.B. CHANDLER MEDICAL CENTER containing the computerized decision support tool developed by the UW/HMC team. This tool contains study questionnaires, recruitment logs, and care note forms. Only consented patient subject protected health information (PHI) data will be electronically submitted via the decision support tool directly to study staff at UW/HMC. No non-consented subject PHI data will be transmitted to the UW/HMC at any point in the study. This study constitutes a research activity and requires institutional review board (IRB) approval for human subjects protections. Appropriate institutional review board research approval will be obtained prior to any patient subjects are approached for consent into the study.
Effective start/end date8/1/157/31/18


  • University of Washington: $6,300.00


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