A Program of Fundamental Symmetry Tests with Neutrons at the University of Kentucky

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This grant supports the University of Kentucky’s contributions to fundamental symmetries experiments with neutrons. Searches for the neutron electric dipole moment (EDM) probe beyond-Standard Model sources of CP-violating physics. Our group has leading roles in two neutron EDM experiments under development – the world-leading-sensitivity Spallation Neutron Source experiment, and the intermediate-step-sensitivity experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Precision measurements of neutron beta-decay angular correlations and the neutron lifetime probe the limits of the V−A symmetries underlying the Standard Model. Finally, precision measurements of hadronic parity- and time-violation in neutron reactions with various targets probe the weak quark-quark interaction.
Effective start/end date8/1/157/14/24


  • Department of Energy: $3,601,463.00


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