A proposal to perform Phase I Archaeological Survey of Proposed Water Lines, Flow Meters, and Leak Detecting Meters in the Edmonson County Water District

  • Ahler, Steven (PI)

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A. Review of Available Data, The back&ound research that will be conducted will consist of a thorough review of the available archaeological and historical information pertinent to the project area. This review will include: 1) Inspection of the Office of State Archaeology site files and reports for archaeological sites recorded within the study area; 2) A synthesis of the professional archaeological work conducted in nearby areas as it may relate to the understanding of resources within the project area; and 3) A preliminary analysis of the area's environmental characteristics that may aid in understanding the locational patterning of prehistoric sites. The Kentucky Office of State Archaeology provides summary information about previous surveys and archaeological sites recorded within and near the project area. These data are extracted from GIS-based map layers, and there is a one-time flat fee for use of this service (included in budget estimate). - B. Review of Documentary and Cartographic Sources
Effective start/end date4/28/099/30/09


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