A Tick Survey of the Kentucky Horse Park to Assess Potential Vectors of Equine Babesiosis (Piroplasmosis)

  • Townsend, Lee (PI)

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A comprehensive integrated tick management plan for the Kentucky Horse Park (KHP) in Fayette county Kentucky must be developed and implemented to reduce the risk of transmission of equine piroplasmosis (EP) during the 2006 international equine competition. The plan must be based on accurate information concerning the tick species present or anticipated at the Park. Consequently, I propose to use the standard methods of tick drags and CO2-baited traps to conduct an extensive survey of the 1,030 acre grounds to determine the distribution and seasonal occurrence 0f potential tick vectors 0f EP. This information is vital to the development of a risk analysis associated with the temporary presence of horses that are serologically positive for equine piroplasmosis during the competition period. The information from this project will be used to institute a comprehensive management program to minimize contact between ticks and horses competing at the KHP.
Effective start/end date10/9/0210/8/05


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