A Tutorial Series for Breastfeeding Surgeons: Tips and Pearls for Success

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Project Title: A Tutorial Series for Breastfeeding Surgeons: Tips and Pearls for Success Surgical training and early practice development occurs at a time in women''s careers when family planning is also critical. Women surgeons have already been shown to have increased difficulty and complications. While breastfeeding in encouraged and recommended for at least a year, there are barriers specific to surgeons that limit success. Our group has performed a multi-specialty survey of breastfeeding surgeons to identify modifiable factors currently preventing achieving breastfeeding goals. The manuscript is currently in preparation, but programs including providing wearable pumps for trainees through departmental and/or Graduate Medical Education offices are in progress to combat this issue. This project seeks to provide an educational resource tailored to women surgeons. It will address issues including pumping locations, wearable pumps, pumping in the operating room or in between cases/clinic patients, breastmilk storage, hydration/caloric intake, finding time to pump or feed, considerations for call, as well as tips for success from those who have gone through the experience. Otolaryngology is a unique specialty in which clinic plays a large role, including various procedures, as well as a range of very short operative procedures with quick turnover and multi hour operative cases. Breastfeeding otolaryngologists are pulled in many directions during the workday, including for emergencies at a moment''s notice such as airways, serving as a great target audience. However, due to the lack of any similar program currently, we have broadened the audience to include all breastfeeding surgeons. The format will be an interactive training module, similar to those surgeons are familiar with for annual institutional compliance. There will be a voice guided lesson, accompanying text, vignettes with interactive options, demonstration videos, links for resources, and survey questions embedded. There will be multiple topics separated to allow for easier reference, particularly for those who only need to view or review a certain segment. Outline: • Introduction - Pre-survey located here • Assessment of goals • Discussion of pumps (including insurance coverage), video demonstration • Cleaning of supplies and storage, video demonstration • Pumping locations • Feeding/pumping schedules • Pumping "Hacks" for Success • Discussing with your team/supervisors • Common problems and accompanying tips to address • How to improve/maintain supply • Resources • Post survey
Effective start/end date8/2/228/1/23


  • American Academy of Otolaryngology: $1,363.00


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