A Zero Emission Mechanical Seal with Integral Micro Heat Exchanger

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The objective of the LSDIUK/ExxonMobil proposed project is to attract a mechanical seal OEM to the commercialization team (which now consists of LSU, UK and Mezzosystems) by successfully demonstrating the reliability and performance of the mechanical seal at a major end-user facility (ExxonMobil). This industrial application with a light hydrocarbon as the process (sealed) fluid will be ideal to demonstrate: 1) heat tolerance; 2) long term reliability; 3) energy impact; 4) emdronmental impact and 5) economic impact. The total proposed project budget is $ ~403;405 Over64% of which is cost-share by the partnering institutions.
Effective start/end date7/1/029/15/04


  • Louisiana State University: $180,000.00


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