Academy for Community Transportation Innovation

  • Crabtree, Joseph (PI)
  • Hartman, Donald (CoI)
  • Toussaint, Paul (Former PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


In 2002 the Kentucky Transportation Center received notification of a Congressionally mandated award to establish an academy focused on community transportation innovations. This second phase of funding continues a multi-year program initiative that includes an education component as well as a research component. The program is carried out in cooperation with the University of Louisville, and in partnership with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. It is expected the program will expand to include other universities as appropriate. The expressed goal of the academy continues to be the enhancement and acceleration of transportation decisions through the application of research and education resources. The four specific focus areas are 1) assurance of safety and environmental sensitivity (both natural and human); 2) integration of the transportation modes with the physical (including land use) and cultural aspects of the community's development; 3) expansion of participatory planning, design and construction oftransportation facilities; and 4) development and evaluation of supporting tools, processes and technologies for use in decision making and impact assessment.
Effective start/end date4/1/126/30/13


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