Access to Critical Care Education via Student Success (ACCESS): An Initiative to Build the Healthcare Workforce Scope - UKRF Healthcare Workforce Collaborative: Kentucky Workforce INitiative for our State (KY-WINS)

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Abstract Access to Critical Care Education via Student Success (ACCESS) Indubitably, the higher education landscape has been forever altered. This change – at least in part – can be attributed to the proliferation of online and virtual training opportunities. Specifically, healthcare disciplines have grown increasingly reliant on the delivery on virtual offerings. In many instances, the quality of these offerings – or lack thereof – can impact healthcare services offered to patients. Access to Critical Care Education via Student Success (ACCESS) is an initiative designed to increase access to high-quality, interactive online healthcare education credentials. The initiative will meet this aim by partnering with health designated colleges to provide services in two distinct, yet interconnected areas: (1) academic instructional and e-Learning design; and, (2) student supports and online engagement. Strategically targeting these areas will bolster access to healthcare credentials, thus fostering increased workforce capacity.
Effective start/end date9/1/228/31/23


  • KY Council on Postsecondary Education


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