Acquitition of a FluorChem A Digital Imaging System for Arterivirus (PRRSV and EAV) Vaccine Research

  • Balasuriya, Udeni (PI)

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The development of novel recombinant vaccines against closely related arteriviruses (porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome virus LPRRSVI and equine arteritis virus [EAV]), coupled with investigation of the molecular mechanisms employed by these viruses to undermine innate host immune responses comprise central projects in the Fl's laboratory that fall within the priorities of program area code A1221 of the AFRI-USDA competitive grant program. These critical research initiatives employ contemporary recombinant DNA technology and are therefore dependent on the analysis of agarose gel electropherotypes for studying modified nucleic acids and visualization of Western immunoblots for the evaluation of recombinant proteins. Documenting the results from these techniques requires access to a reliable, high-resolution imaging system that is capable of producing detailed, quality digital images suitable for presentations and publications. Unfortunately, the only imaging equipment available within the Department of Veterinary Sciences is an obsolete, increasingly unreliable FluorChem 8800 system (Alpha Innotech). Therefore, this proposal concerns replacement of the antiquated FluorChem 8800 with a FluorChem B Imaging System (Cell Biosciences). In addition to being an instrument for which parts and routine maintenance are available, the FluorChem E has an 8 megapixel camera that is capable of capturing high resolution, publication quality images of ethidium bromide stained agarose gels along with quantifying enhanced chemiluminescent (BCL) signals on Western, Northern, or Southern blots. Although the Fluorchem E system will be of primary benefit to the arterivirus research program, this equipment will also available to other faculty and their laboratory personnel in this Department.
Effective start/end date2/15/112/14/12


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