ACR REF Amgen/Pfizer Rheumatology Fellowship Training Award

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The goals of the University of Kentucky (UK) Rheumatology Fellowship Training program is to produce physicians that 1) are clinically competent in rheumatology, 2) are capable of working a variety of settings, and 3) possess habits of lifelong learning to build upon their knowledge, skills and professionalism. Trainees who successfully complete this program will be fully equipped to function as clinical rheumatologists, clinician educators, or clinician scientists, depending on their career goals. This award ensures that a highly trained workforce is available to provide clinical care to people with rheumatic disease by providing funds to pay for one year of clinical rheumatology training for a fellow. The recipient receives one year of funding at $25,000 to be applied towards the salary of one trainee. These funds cannot be used to provide institutional support. No indirect costs or overhead will be provided other than fringe benefits at a maximum rate of 30%.
Effective start/end date7/1/136/30/14


  • American College of Rheumatology: $25,000.00


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