Adding Data from Kentucky Groundwater Observation Network Sites to the NGWMN

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With this proposal, KGS seeks to obtain funding to become a new data provider to the USGS National Groundwater Monitoring Network (NGWMN). In the first year of the proposed project (December 1, 2019-November 30, 2020), we address Objective 1 requirements and tasks by establishing web services and data processes that enable linking to the NGWMN Data Portal and regular uploads of water levels and supporting site data collected by KGS from eight monitoring wells in the Kentucky Groundwater Observation Network (KGON). In the second year (December 1, 2020-November 30, 2021) we address Objective 2 requirements and tasks by maintaining persistent data services from KGS databases to the NGWMN Portal, keeping lists of sites in the NGWMN Well Registry current, and performing routine updates to site information and water level data. Consistent with USGS guidance, minimum data elements being provided for each well site include: (1) point of contact for project information, (2) site identifier, (3) well location coordinates, (4) well construction details, including lithology information, (5) USGS name and code number for the monitored aquifer, and ( 6) daily mean water levels.
Effective start/end date12/1/1911/30/22


  • US Geological Survey: $40,000.00


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