Adding Value to Kentucky Wines: Creation of the Kentucky Wine Technical Group

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ABSTRACT: The University of Kentucky, in collaboration with the Kentucky Wineries Association, will develop a Kentucky Wine Technical Group (KWTG) to support the local winemaking industry. The mission of the KWTG will be to improve winemaking competency of Kentucky vintners and help develop unity in message and wine quality among the diverse wine producers throughout the state of Kentucky. To achieve this, the Kentucky Wine Technical Group will promote the development and standardization of unique Kentucky wine styles through discussions, workshops and educational trainings (tasting panels). In addition, researchers and industry partners will conduct controlled wine experiments to trial novel yeasts with the potential to enhance the uniqueness of Kentucky wines. Technical winemaking information and scientific findings from the KWTG will be disseminated using several platforms to ensure a wide audience base is reached, including extension publications, conference presentations, informative handouts, and published on a newly developed web- portal.
Effective start/end date12/1/209/29/23


  • KY Department of Agriculture: $57,959.00


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