ADHD parent Training using Telemedicine

  • Sprang, Robert (PI)
  • Sprang, Robert (PI)
  • Soares, Neelkamal (CoI)
  • Welsh, Richard (CoI)

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ADHD is a neurobiological problem, usually inherited, that manifests as behavioral problems and parents may not immediately consider their child has a medical cond Won, thus delaying accurate diagnosis and treatment. Kentucky's pediatric mental health provider shortage contributes to thc difficulty aecessing appropriate diagnostic and treatment resources. In an effort to bring mental health resources to traditionally underserved areas, Kentucky TeleCare has been providing weekly child psychiatry clinic via the telehealth network since 1996, and most referrals are for suspected of having ADHD. While access to appropriate clinical resources to diagnose and treat ADHD is limited in rural Kentucky, professional educational programs to help parents cope with a child with ADHD and help them become an active part of the child's treatment plan is nearly nonexistent. Parents are often relegated to searching for resources on the Internet or from other parents who are struggling with the same issues. Long-term success for children with ADHD requires a coordinated effort that includes appropriate medication, physician management, behavior modification and actively involved, well-trained parents who can support their children.
Effective start/end date1/1/0912/31/10


  • AT&T Foundation: $30,000.00


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