Admin Scope: Training and Educational Materials Development - SHTG-FY-23-02

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Program Abstract Narrative Applicant name: University of Kentucky Grant category: Training and Educational Materials Development Narrative: University of Kentucky proposes to develop new training and educational materials for the use of respiratory protection in general industries. The service area includes several Opportunity Zones (e.g., Madison country, KY: 21151010800). The targeted audience includes employees, contractors, employers, specifically in new and small operations. Training topics include introduction to respiratory system, selection of appropriate respiratory protection system, acute and chronic respiratory failure, misapplication of respiratory protection, quantitative and qualitative fit tests, dust vs fume, duties and responsibilities, respiratory protection goals, proper use of cartridges, respirator selection, storage and maintenance. Training materials will be tested during a pilot training for 40 workers. The estimated contact hours for pilot training is 1 hour per trainee. Training will be available in English.
Effective start/end date9/30/239/30/24


  • Department of Labor


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