Adolescent and Parent Food Activity Patterns as Drivers of Food Choices and Behaviors

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Multiple factors are suggested to influence diet and physical activity behaviors in adolescents. Recent focus has centered on parental and environmental factors as proximal and distal determinants on diet among adolescents. There is limited research understanding how adolescents and their parents move within their daily lives which may influence their food choices and ultimately diet behavior. The following research objectives aim to a) develop and examine the food activity space of rural families; b) examine purchasing behaviors and perceptions of the food activity space among adolescents and their parents; and c) examine the associations between food activity space, purchasing behavior, perceptions, and diet quality. By developing and examining food activity space patterns among families targeted efforts within communities focusing on improving access and availability of healthy foods can be utilized which will most directly benefit where consumers shop (1). Although neighborhood level efforts are paramount for food system sustainability, at the micro-level, where residents procure food, interventions are also needed. Such that examining behaviors and perceptions of the locations where families purchase food for consumption can aid in developing trainings and key materials that will most directly influence purchasing behavior. Lastly, the ultimate goal of the project is to develop and submit an integrated grant that will lead to improved diet quality among families.
Effective start/end date1/1/1312/31/14


  • National Institute of Food and Agriculture: $149,074.00


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