Adolescent Literacy Project 09-10

  • Hughes, Earl (PI)
  • Smith, Felicia (Former PI)

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Goals and Objectives: -.: Provide ongoing and job-embedded professional development and support for trained literacy coaches usIng the International Reading Association's (IRA) Standarrls for Middle and High School Literacy Coaches. -.: Continue high-quality professional development at the school level around the focus of literacy across the content areas within professionalleaming communities. '~ Create systematic and systemic change in teacher effectiveness through consistent approaches in professional development. ~ Introduction and application of an Rtl framework within the school literacy plan. ~ Create and maintain a cadre of literacy leaders as state resource. ~ Align school literacy plan to the statewide literacy plan for adolescents. ~ Increase student achievement through highly-qualified teachers.
Effective start/end date7/1/096/30/10


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