Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship

  • Howard, Patricia (PI)

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This project provides support for students who are registered nurses pursuing a graduate degree in the University of Kentucky College of Nursing and/or the Graduate School. The College of Nursing offers two graduate degree programs (master's or MSN and doctoral or PhD) through the Graduate School. The College offers a professional doctoral degree program, the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP), through the College of Nursing. The MSN program prepares clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners and nurse managers. The programs of study within the MSN program meet all applicable Federal guidelines and guidelines from relevant professional nursing organizations. The PhD program prepares nurse scientists to conduct clinically relevant nursing research as nurse educators, nurse researchers, and nurse administrators. Most PhD graduates assume faculty positions. The DNP program prepares nurses as top clinical leaders for direct care clinical organizations or clinical faculty teaching positions. RN-MSN and Post-MSN plans of study are available. A BSN-PhD program will be initiated in Fall 2007. AENT funds provide important financial assistance for full time students (and part time students in their last 12 months of study) thereby facilitating more rapid completion of nursing graduate degree programs. This supports the national need for more nurses with advanced education degrees. Curricula in the MSN, PhD, and DNP programs address the overall BHPr goals to eliminate health barriers: (Goal 1), eliminate health disparities (Goal 2). assure quality of care (Goal 3), and improve public health and health care systems (Goal 4) as appropriate for the particular program of study. Student learning experiences focus on nursing science related to chronically ill populations and populations with acute, complex health care needs, as well as rural and underserved populations. Clinical and research experiences include interdisciplinary initiatives and community-focused practica. Students learn to provide advanced nursing care within complex systems using culturally appropriate care delivery strategies. They learn how to engage community partners in addressing health promotion and illness prevention needs. The MSN, PhO and ONP programs at the University of Kentucky College of Nursing contribute to both Healthy People 20 10 goals: (I) to increase the quality and years of a healthy life; and (2) to eliminate our country's health disparities. They do this by including in the programs of study content and emphases on health behaviors, diagnosis and treatment of health problems as appropriate for the program of study, cultural competence and health outcomes measurement and quality improvement. Students are asked to address Healthy People 20I0 goals in class assignments, clinical activities and final MSN comprehensive exams. PhD dissertations and DNP research utilization projects typically address topical areas that reflect Healthy People 2010 objectives, including specific health problems and underserved populations.
Effective start/end date7/1/006/30/11


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