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Advanced genetic technologies offer great potential to help control plant and animal diseases, to enhance nutritional and health value of food, to exploit renewable biological sources of fuel and industrial feed-stocks, and to develop new uses for agricultural plants and animals. Key to advanced genetics is the generation and interpretation of very large volumes of data composed of DNA sequences, as well as molecular (DNA-based) and phenotypic markers for high-density maps of genomes. This proposal is for basic infrastructure needed to enhance institutional capacity for advanced genetic technologies, and for funds to commence several new genomic studies on agriculturally relevant organisms. The equipment and the data generated from its utilization will enhance institutional capability in the new genetic technologies, and will enable students to be trained in this growing component of modern agricultural and biological sciences. This program will establish a progressive, efficient, and multi-disciplinary center for plant, animal, virus and microbial genomics. The objectives of this grant proposal are: Objective 1, increase capacity for DNA sequencing and molecular genetic analysis; Objective 2, develop capability to construct large genomic DNA clone libraries; and Objective 3, conduct new pilot projects analyzing genome structures and functional genomics of agriculturally relevant life forms.
Effective start/end date7/1/026/30/04


  • US Department of Agriculture: $561,217.00


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