Advanced Genetic Technologies

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The aim of this proposal is to bring to the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture the capabilities for, and a strong track record in, modem high-throughput genetic technologies, and to enhance prospects to leverage nationally competitive extramural grant support in these important areas of agricultural research. The Advanced Genetic Technologies Center at the University of Kentucky (UK-AGTC) will be the central resource for the proposed activities. Objective 1, Provide expert support for high-throughput molecular genetic analysis methods and bioinformatics: Personnel employed in this capacity will include a Postdoctoral Scholar and a Graduate Research Assistant in Computer Sciences. The Postdoc will generate clone libraries, oversee sequencing of those libraries, participate in bioinformatic analysis, and supervise undergraduate interns. The Graduate Research Assistant will refine and expand the laboratory information management system (LIMS), and provide bioinformatic support. Objective 2, Develop reagents and preliminary data for genome sequencing projects on microorganisms of relevance to Kentucky and U.S. agriculture. Clone libraries will be generated and sequencing initiated on (a) Neotyphodium coenophialum, a bioprotective fungal endophyte of the forage grass, tall fescue, and (b) Sarcocystis neurona, an apicomplexan parasite that causes equine protozoal myeloencephalitis. Objective 3, Conduct internal competitions for seed-grants to utilize technologies available in the UK-AGTC: Short-term seed grants will be funded to obtain preliminary data for nationally competitive grants. Objective 4, Provide undergraduate internships to introduce students to modem high-throughput genetic analyses.
Effective start/end date9/1/088/31/11


  • Cooperative State Research Education and Extension: $448,178.00


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