Advances in Multivariate Nonparametric Regression with Application to Nanoscale-Gap Thermophotovoltaic Power Conversion

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This transdisciplinary project will bring together researchers in statistics and engineering to: (1) develop theory and methods for the nonparametric compound estimation of mean response functions and their derivatives with multiple covariates and multiple, correlated response variables; (2) formulate an analytic model for near-field thermal emission by a nanoparticle on a surface, to investigate how nanoparticle properties (e.g., size and refractive index) affect the near-field thermal spectrum; and, (3) employ compound estimation to establish a quantitative framework for characterizing a nanoparticle, nonintrusively and in real time, on properties identified by the analytic model as affecting the near-field thermal spectrum. Our nanoparticle characterization framework is anticipated to expedite the future production of highly efficient nanoscale-gap thermophotovoltaic (nano-TPV) power generators via the design of selectively emitting surfaces in the near-field. Nano-TPV power generators can be used as stand-alone power sources or as combined cooling-energy recuperation systems that may improve the efficiency of a multitude of electronic devices used both in military operations and by civilians (e.g., computers and radios). The design of selective near-field thermal emitters is anticipated to have other applications as well, such as the development of infrared camouflage for military operations.
Effective start/end date8/15/127/31/13


  • Army Research Office: $50,000.00


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